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5 June 2022 | 8.45am

Today’s Sermon
Rev Dr Niam Kai Huey

Order of Service

+ Call to Worship
+ Songs of Praise & Worship
+ Opening Prayer

Scripture Reading

Baptism Covenant
+ Doxology
Church Concerns & Announcements
Intercessory Prayer

Sending Forth
+ Song of Sending Forth
+ Benediction
+ 3-Fold Amen

+ Indicates invitation to stand (for those who are able to)

Thanksgiving, Events, and Announcements

Thanksgiving for Alpha@SKMC 2022

We thank God for the graduating class of 2022 – 18 participants from chinese Alpha and 16 participants from english Alpha. Through the 11 sessions of Alpha, many come to accept and learn about the Christian faith in a safe and relaxing environment. We also thank God for the facilitators from various cell groups, and the friendship that we cherish. Let us join the heavens in rejoicing with salvation and people who draw near to God. May God bless the participants for their next stage of their faith journey. Let us pray for the growth of those who accepted the Lord as they attend New Believers class in July.

Connection Sunday 2022

We are having a special day on 26th June where we will host an event to encourage our church members to come for fellowship and enjoy lunch together. Event is from 8.45am to 12 noon.

Connection Sunday is open for our entire congregation to participate – we will have some table hosts who would contact you to confirm attendance.

Primary One Registration Exercise for Admission in 2023

SKMC members who wish to enrol their children in Methodist schools under Phase 2B may apply for a letter from the church. You may obtain the form from the church office via email ( Please submit the completed form to church office via email, latest by 13 July 2022. The registration dates for Phase 2B are 19 – 20 July. For more information, please refer to

Pastoral Movement

Rev Tan-Yeo Lay Suan is currently on medical leave until 14 June 2022. Do keep her in prayer!

SKMC Pastoral CARE-Net

In such a trying time as this, we need to care for one another in Christ even more than ever. We encourage all to join the SKMC Pastoral CARE-Net (a WhatsApp Business Group Chat) to receive messages from the pastoral team. Click here to join.

Pastoral Care

These are troubled times, and the stresses we face are many. If you are in need of pastoral care and counselling, the pastors would love to come alongside you. Please make an appointment with either of the pastors directly via mobile phone or WhatsApp.

Rev Nathanael Goh: 97235374
Rev Tan-Yeo Lay Suan: 94383049

Gifts and Attendance

For last week

Number of e-Offering Givers: 125

e-offering @ SKMC
PayNow via the QR Code or UEN

UEN No.: T00CC1467C

General Funds – $14,751.37

Pledge / Tithes

SKMC Funds – $4,409.63

Poor and Needy
Church Upgrading
Land Lease Renewal
2 Coins A Day
2nd Offering

Attendance – 650

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