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21 August 2022 | 8.45am

Today’s Sermon
Dr Mark Chan

Order of Service

+ Call to Worship
+ Songs of Praise & Worship
+ Opening Prayer

Scripture Reading

Affirmation of Faith/Response Song
+ Doxology
Sacrament of Holy Communion
Church Concerns & Announcements
Intercessory Prayer

Sending Forth
+ Song of Sending Forth
+ Benediction
+ 3-Fold Amen

+ Indicates invitation to stand (for those who are able to)


Poem by Ron Chan
Copyright ©️ 7.7.2022

HOME is a Nest for Faith and Love
For two assigned above

Where two mix and blend their attributes
At HOME they love and procreate

And two evolve into a FAMILY
Of three, four, or more intimately.

In Family we abide priestly, husband and wife
And parents-and-children-wise

In Family, we raise and bring forth decent children
Loving, teaching them as faithful parents

Lead to Faith by father and mother
Unreserved love we share and nurture

In HOME we inculcate Christ’s values to maturity
In FAMILY, trials and tribulations toward purity

We relate in God’s presence as a Family
Strengthening Christ’s values permanently

We uphold our Principality:
Of One Man, One Woman in One Home and Family.

In Family we have a strong sense of belonging;
At Home is always a feeling so endearing.

We miss each other dearly wherever we roam
And always cherish the potions called Family and Home.

Faith in Christ we should propagate,
Let Families the World over in Him assimilate.

The World is One Home all along;
Let all families be one Family we all belong!

Glory to God Almighty!

Thanksgiving, Events, and Announcements

2nd Offering Collected for CAC Sunday

We thank God for the offering collected for CAC Sunday. The amount collected was $2,547.30.

Young Adult Bible Fellowship

Marriage and Singleness: A Theology of the Body

Date: 21 and 28 Aug 2022
Time: 10.45am-12.30pm
Venue: Rm 2-4/5

This month, Rev Nathanael Goh will be taking us through a big topic that most young adults are concerned about. Do join us for today and next Sunday to find out more!


Let’s look forward and pray that God will specially anoint our SK22 Combined Anniversary Service on September 11, 2022.

Please help to pass on the service time as some of our brothers & sisters may not know the change.

Do note that it will be a VDS (Vaccination-Differentiated SMM) event, therefore, proof of vaccination via TraceTogether will be required.

Fundraising for Creation Care Conference 2022

Creation Care Singapore’s inaugural Creation Care Conference is happening on 9-10 September 2022! Held live at Katong Presbyterian Church with a whopping 15 speakers over two days (including our own Rev Nat!), it serves as a gathering place for Christians to be equipped with a biblical understanding of how to love God’s world in all areas of our lives.

We will be selling stickers and artwork by local Christian artists today to fundraise for the conference! We are still $2500 away from what we need to honour our speakers and artists fairly. Please support us by coming to our booth beside the spiral staircase later!

Community Bible Experience (CBE) 2022

Are you Experiencing God’s love for you?
Are you Expressing God’s love to One Another?

Beloved, let us love one another, for love is from God, and whoever loves has been born of God and knows God.

We would like to invite all to participate in the upcoming Community Bible Experience CBE 2022 to Love God by Loving One Another.

This community experience for the entire SKMC will start on 18 September and end on 6 November.

Please prayerfully consider your participation.

Staff Movement

  1. Rev Tan-Yeo has gone for cataract surgery on 16 August. Thank God for a successful procedure. She will be on medical leave from 16 August to 5 September. Do keep her in prayer.
  2. Rev Niam: 22 – 26 August 2022 (Official Leave)

SKMC Pastoral CARE-Net

In such a trying time as this, we need to care for one another in Christ even more than ever. We encourage all to join the SKMC Pastoral CARE-Net (a WhatsApp Business Group Chat) to receive messages from the pastoral team. Click here to join.

Pastoral Care

These are troubled times, and the stresses we face are many. If you are in need of pastoral care and counselling, the pastors would love to come alongside you. Please make an appointment with either of the pastors directly via mobile phone or WhatsApp.

Rev Nathanael Goh: 97235374
Rev Tan-Yeo Lay Suan: 94383049

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