COVID-19 Relief Fund | 盛港堂新冠疫情COVID-19救济款

Target beneficiaries and eligibility criteria

The SKMC COVID-19 Relief Fund aims to provide financial help to members of and regular worshippers in SKMC affected by the economic impact of COVID-19.

The eligibility criteria for the COVID-19 Relief Fund are as follows:

  • Members of and regular worshippers in SKMC.
  • Was retrenched or suffered substantial loss of personal income due to COVID-19. (Note: Loss of job or income must have taken place after 23 Jan 2020 when COVID-19 first occurred in Singapore).
  • Currently having a gross monthly per capita income (PCI) of ≤$750

Assistance Provided

  • One-off $300 to $500 cash assistance

Application and Disbursement

  • Online application form
  • One-off cash disbursed by PayNow or Bank transfer




  • 盛港堂会友和定期出席盛港堂主日崇拜者
  • 由于新冠病毒COVID-19而被裁员或个人收入遭受重大损失 (注意:失业或收入损失必须在2020年1月23日首次在新加坡发生COVID-19之后发生)
  • 目前家庭人均每月总收入(PCI)≤$750


  • 一次性$300至$500现金援助


  • 在线申请表
  • 通过PayNow或银行转帐支付一次性现金