Our Pastoral Staff

Leading with the Word, Caring in His Love

Rev Dr Niam Kai Huey


Ps Michael Lee

Pastor Michael Lee

Conference Preacher

Lek Kai Wen

Local Ministry Staff (Worship & Music)

Rev Dr Nathanael Goh

Assistant Pastor

Pastor Chin Tat Him

Local Preacher

Michelle Koh

Local Ministry Staff (Youth)

Rev Tan-Yeo Lay Suan

Associate Pastor

Rev (Ret.) Khoo Cheng Hoot

Retired Pastor

Sebastian Gopal

Local Ministry Staff (Family Life)

Rev Lisa Yu

Associate Pastor

Edna Low

Local Ministry Staff (Children)


Local Church Executive Committee

Rev Dr Niam Kai Huey


Lai Choy Fong

Associate Lay Leader

Outreach and Social Concerns Committee Chairperson,
Missions Committee Chairperson
Small Groups Ministry Chairperson

Cindy Teng

Church Treasurer

Dominique Phang Pei Yue

Ohana Ministry Chairperson

Jessie Peh

Adult Service Coordinator (Chinese Service)

Loh Kum Fei

LCEC Chairperson

845am Congregational Committee Coordinator

Rev Dr Nathanael Goh

Assistant Pastor

Wiwie Palimarmo

Witness and Evangelism Committee Chairperson

Associate Lay Leader

Pastor Chin Tat Him

Archives & History Committee Chairperson

Federick Koh

Property Committee Chairperson

Anthony Chia

LCEC Secretary

Raymond Khoo

Lay Leader

Keith Khor

Disciple and Nurture Committee Chairperson

Dean Tan

Communications Committee Chairperson

Alvin Wong

Worship & Music Ministry Chairperson

Daniel Xu

Church Governance Committee Chairperson

Elton Loh

LCEC Vice-Chairperson

11am Congregational Committee Co-ordinator
Family Life Ministry Chairperson

Rev Tan-Yeo Lay Suan

Associate Pastor

Moo Swee Ngoh

Associate Lay Leader

Pastor-Parish Relationships and Staff Committee Chairperson

Lester Tan

Finance Committee Chairperson

Lisa Toh

Associate Lay Leader

Our Office Staff

Making sure SKMC operates smoothly in His Service

Karen Wong

Senior Admin Executive (Ministry Admin Support)

Regina Lim

Admin Executive (Finance & HR)

Charmian Wong

Programmes & Communications Executive