Six youth leaders from D’Anchor Ministry, accompanied by Pastor Nat and I, went for a mission trip to Bangkok, Thailand from 26 June to 1 Jul 2019. This was my first mission trip to Thailand, as well as for most of the team members. When the trip was first discussed with the Methodist Missions Society (MMS), the intention was to visit a preaching point somewhere else. However, when our plan for the trip was confirmed, we were informed by MMS that they had arranged for another team to go there. Hence, we were offered the alternative option to go to Rangsit Church instead.

This was indeed God’s providence. Due to this change, the team had the opportunity to visit the homes of some members of the Boys Brigade from Rangsit Church on Saturday afternoon.

Story 1: The first home we visited – a grandfather who became a Christian about two years. He was dropping off his grandchildren at school when his motorbike caught fire. A church worker from Rangsit Church ‘happened’ to be there and helped to put out the fire and then invited him to church. It was through this that he went to Rangsit Church and has been attending the church faithfully despite his poor eyesight. When we visited his home, his brother-in-law who is staying with him, met an accident and was injured. After we prayed for the grandfather and his family’s situation, we also went over to pray for his brother-in-law who was sitting outside the house watching us all the time.

We prayed for his healing and after that told him to believe in Jesus. Wonder of wonders, the next day Sunday, he appeared in church on a wheelchair. Church members welcomed him and while we were having lunch, they pushed him to the pastor who prayed with him to receive Christ. Praise the Lord! He prayed with the pastor and after which the pastor removed the charms that were around his neck immediately.

Praying for the grandfather

The grandfather’s brother-in-law in the centre

Story 2: Next home of a builder, Mong – his home is just a small shed that he built to house himself, his wife and two daughters. His wife was a Roman Catholic from Laos while he was a former Buddhist. There was tension in their relationship in the beginning as the wife wanted him to become a Christian. He saw no reason why he should give up being a Buddhist. However, at one time he agreed to go to church with his wife. After that, he found that there was a fight inside his head when he was thinking of becoming a Christian. At the same time, his health was not good as he could not move his right arm and he had some tightness in his chest.

On another visit to the church, during prayer, he went forward to be prayed for. As someone prayed for his healing, he could feel as if there were ants crawling up his right arm. After the prayer, he could lift his right arm and also his chest discomfort disappeared. From then on, he became a faithful follower of Christ. When we asked him if there was anything we could pray for him, he told us to pray for his daughters as he had a vision that his daughters will one day be of great influence for change in the spiritual climate of Laos. In Laos, people do not have the freedom to worship God. We were told by our interpreter that he hears God and will do what God tells him. What great faith from a simple man!

Mong and his family

Story 3: Teaching at Watnnala School

Pastor Kuk from Thanyaburi Church hosted us and opened the way for the team to teach English in Watnnala School. It was God’s providence that we were able to go to the school as the principal was initially not in favour of a Christian group teaching the students. The students had an enjoyable time learning and playing games. We also received feedback from the school that the children found learning English fun after all.

Teaching English in Watnnala School

Games time with the students

Throughout this mission trip, I experienced the faith, love, and faithfulness of the local believers and the church workers, Pastor Kuk and Prueng, who served us and brought us around during our stay in Thailand. I thank God for his guidance and protection throughout the trip and the wonderful way he worked in and through us.

By Lai Choy Fong

31 Anchorvale Road, Singapore 545056