The way I came to know God is nothing extraordinary. Honestly, I don’t have amazing testimony to share after I came to know God. My faith journey has not been smooth sailing as I had faced problems and difficult situations in life. Nevertheless, God has been faithful to me and His presence in my life has helped me to overcome the challenges.

Before I became a Christian, I did not have the wisdom to deal with problems. After knowing God, His peace became my guide whenever I encounter problems. Amazingly, my problems will be resolved whenever I seek Him.

On occasions where problems are not solved, I will have joy and peace from God in my heart. Feelings of pain, bitterness or an unforgiving heart were in the past. Through God’s word, I have learnt to forgive and let go of the past. God’s love fills me and sets me free; His wisdom helps me to overcome my family problems.

After believing in Christ, a few sisters observed the change in my demeanour. I started to pay house visits which are
something I would not have done in the past. While I still feel that I am not suitable in the hospitality ministry, God continue to train me by providing many opportunities to visit fellow brethren.

Thank God! May the Lord continue to keep me and help me to be his vessel to serve His church and glorify His name.

By Cindy Lim 

31 Anchorvale Road, Singapore 545056