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During a Chinese New Year visit to brother Warren’s house (my cell mate), I was very intrigued by his aquaphonic fish, together with his amazing display of aquariums.

I was inspired to learn how to do up a few pots of my own, so I started sourcing for glass bottles from neighbors and friends. I have two grown up children at home. Seeing my excitment in growing my bottled plants, they became interested as well.

Usually, the three of us go about our own chores at home, without much interaction. To my surprise, they offered to help out with this new hobby of mine, because of two incidents that happened.

Firstly, I broke a glass vase, and the whole family helped to clean up the shattered glass together. Then there was the time I dropped the fish onto the floor, causing a big laugh amongst the three of us after a panicky recovery of the fish.

Parents will understand when I say this: to see a family united is happiness beyond words.

I remember praying over and over for unity in the family. I desired to rebuild our familial relationship, treasuring the moments when we got together in unity, and clinging onto God’s promises in the Bible:

“Commit your way to the Lord; trust in him and he will do this” (Psalms 37:5)

Having committed my desire to God, today my family is alive again. I learned to love each day as if it were the last – after all, it might really be the last.

Sure, life may still be rough and rugged. But each new day spent with my loved ones is a bonus for me.

Everyday, I am learning to be thankful to the Lord for them, even after a long 60 years of my life.

Thank God for whatever is given by Him!

By Juliet Low