Gopal Sebastian has 3 children – Jedidiah Jivon (JJ), Kiran (K) and Josiah (J). We ask them some questions about life in Nepal and these are their answers…

1) Can you describe a regular day in your life?

JJ: Wake up 07:30, School 08:00, Finish school 15:10, Basketball practice till 17:00, Homework, Dinner at 19:00, Devotion, Homework, Sleep 21:30 (sometimes 23:00-24:00 due to homework)

K: Wake up at 6 30 to 7 and use my phone till breakfast. Pack my school bag and brush my teeth if I still have time. Use my phone till 7.55 then walk to school. After school, I go to football club for 2 hours. At home, I will bathe, do homework. I use my phone or my laptop if I don’t have homework, Then, I eat dinner followed by devotion. I usually sleep at 9 30.

J: Wake up and play with Lego till breakfast, Pack my bag, brush teeth, wear shoes and go to school, After school, go to Taekwondo, Then bathe, dinner, family devotion, brush my teeth and sleep.


2) Name a challenge and a best thing about being a missionary kid.

JJ: Attending Nepali church is tough when I do not understand the language well enough; The best thing is getting the chance to see more of the world than I would when I am staying in Singapore.

K: The hardest thing is that people expect me to know a lot of things about the Bible but I don’t really know much. The best thing is having friends from different countries.

J: It is easy to get sick in Nepal. The best thing is the delicious food in Nepal. My favourite are Roadhouse’s pizzas, momos, papadum, lollipop chicken and naan.

3) What characteristics of Nepal’s culture have become a part of you?

JJ: Shaking my head from side to side to say okay.

K: Eating Nepali food. I eat dhal bhat (lentil and rice) every week. Dhal bhat is the typical Nepali meal that everyone eats.

J: Drinking Nepali milk tea, especially the ones served in my school.

4) What scares you most about visiting/returning to Singapore?

JJ: Not knowing the people we/who visit; leaving friends, going to army and school (fitting in)

K: Meeting people who know me but I dont know them because I am shy.

J: Studying in Singapore’s school and the weather is always hot.

By Gopal Sebastian and Family

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