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Because I had never been involved in any missionary activities before, when the church announced a mission-exposure trip to East Asia last year, I felt a strong urging to be a part of it. I signed up, knowing that there were many things I needed to arrange to go on the trip. Even then, during the pre-trip preparation phase, the amount of preparations and arrangements needed exceeded my expectations. I began to worry if I would be able to manage all the areas I was responsible for. I was very thankful that God’s favour and blessing was with our team. Each meeting was filled with laughter and all of us, young and old bonded together and team morale was gradually lifted each time we met.

I still remember vividly the eventful day of departure. At the airport, family and friends encircled us as the pastor prayed for us, Although the prayer was a brief one, but it gave me a boost of encouragement and reinforced my awareness that we were really leaving on the mission trip. Due to travel disruptions and bad weather, our flight was delayed and we did not arrive at our destination on time. Yet, the disruptions did not dampen our spirits or team morale. I deeply felt everyone’s joy and readiness to serve on this team.

After more than a day’s disruptions and delay, we finally arrived at our destination. We had to be ready to make changes to our schedule and many of our rehearsals and preparations had to be done within a much shorter time. Despite the long days and late nights, and the physical toll especially on the older members of our team, their perseverance demonstrated that God’s strength was with us throughout. It also truly impressed upon me the meaning of our team verse, Psalm 121 – God Himself strengthened and empowered us, His protection and blessing was with us so we could continue with our mission effectively.

At the end of our time there when we were about to leave for home, I reflected on everything over the few months leading up to the trip. All the preparations each of us had to go through as individuals and as a team were truly necessary as they enabled us to be better able to do the work God had called us for.

Although in the beginning, it was not easy, but in retrospect, we all benefited greatly and was a period in my life filled with wonderful memories of learning to trust God.

By Lynn Koh