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The COE (Certificate of Entitlement) of my old car recently expired and I bought a new one that came with many new features like automatic doors and sensors and a built-in smart screen that allows me to answer my incoming mobile calls and access the GPS (Global Position System). Many of us today drive a car and often depend on our trusted GPS to bring us to our destination. Somehow the trusted GPS will not fail to lead us there.

I was very fascinated by the GPS which was not available on my old car and immediately tried to use it to navigate to my brother’s new house in Tampines. I wanted to see how effective the GPS would be in guiding me to my destination.

“Turn right in 300 meters”, the GPS voice directed as I started my journey, followed by many subsequent instructions which I tried to follow. I knew my way to Tampines town, but was not sure of the exact location of my brother’s new house. During the journey, I decided to just trust my experience and not follow the verbal directions given. Yet, each time I deviated from the guided route, the faithful GPS would just re-map my route and keep giving the directions until I had arrived at my destination.

At that instant, I felt that Someone above was watching over me and giving me the necessary directions to my destination that I had requested at the start of my journey. The GPS is like God watching over us from above. He will not fail to bring us to our destination. As a Christian, I know that I am on a journey bound for Heaven. Yet along the way in life, I often trust my own experience and conscience instead of God. Many times, I failed to listen to GOD but trusted my own self.

As I considered the picture of God as my GPS in life, I couldn’t help but thank God for the many things He had given me to help me understand His love. When we close our eyes at night and open them in the morning, we can think of God, and praise Him for His tender protection and care for us. Like the GPS in my car, each time I divert off-course, God will patiently guide me back to the path of righteousness. He is always with me.

The road of life often traverses through unknown territory. We all go through seasons when the path ahead isn’t clearly visible. God’s plan may not always be apparent to us, but He has promised to be with us “always, to the very end of the age” (Matt. 28:20). What greater assurance could we hope for, regardless of the uncertainty or challenge we might face? Even when the path ahead is unlit, the Light is with us.

Lord, thank You for being near me even when I cannot see You and for Your comforting presence guiding me when I lose my bearings. May my sharing cause others to be aware and in awe of the presence and power of our mighty God in their lives.

by Edmund Wan