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On 10th March 2017, I started having hair loss, two months after the death of my son-in-law.

At first, I ignored it but by the second and third day, I could not ignore it further. I had lost so much of my precious hair! I cried for almost an hour each time I took a bath. My tears would flow out uncontrollably.

Although I sensed God very near me every day, I still felt confused whenever I looked at myself in the mirror.

At about the same time, the pulpit theme in church was about how as believers, we are called to walk against the tide. God was getting my undivided attention for Him each day. Through my helpless situation He was teaching me that in my weakness and helplessness, He is more than enough for me.

As I stood in faith to pray for myself, God started bringing to my mind many of my friends, colleagues, cell mates and church mates whom I usually do not pray for. Because I needed a miracle for myself, I began asking God for a miracle for each of them too.

During this process, I went to two different doctors – my own general practitioner and a Chinese physician. After a series of investigations, the diagnosis I received from the doctors was that my hair loss was stress-induced. At that moment, I felt so boxed in by my condition.

Despite my misery, as I journeyed with God more closely, I felt His peace and love; He sent His saints to comfort me.

Now, with or without hair, I no longer feel depressed. I am myself again. I wear a wig whenever I am out of the house. The best part is that everybody tells me I look prettier than before.

I spend more time in God’s Word and especially love to rewind the Sunday sermons to listen to them repeatedly. The Holy Spirit would point me to the details in His Word that I had overlooked before. In this process, I discovered my identity in Christ.

I am so thankful that I am wonderfully and beautifully created by my Heavenly Father.

It is my prayer that you will also experience the supernatural peace and love of God in your heart today and every day

by Juliet Low